Charleston, SC Headshot Photography Session: Travels with Desiree Hoelzle Photography

“But you’re a Philadelphia family photographer, why are you shooting headshots in Charleston?” you may ask. The answer: because it was a cold day in Charleston, SC, I was visiting my family, and honestly, I just really like trying new things. And you know what, I really loved it!

Earlier this winter I worked with another local entrepreneur on a photography branding session (which I will blog one day soon!) so when my brother asked me for some headshots next time I traveled to Charleston, I was really excited to try my hand at it again. He wanted simple, downtown Charleston branding-style headshots. We walked all around and got super lucky that it was a “cold” day (55 degrees actually) there so the streets were empty and we had so many gorgeous spots to shoot without any of the crowds. And so here he is below, my (not so little) little brother, Ben.

Fun fact: Ben was a film major and is also the one person in my family that can figure out how to actually focus and shoot on my camera, so the images you see of me here on my site he took for me while we walked around as well, if the scenery looks familiar!

I have decided to start offering low-key, out and about, or in your work space branding and headshot sessions for other small business owners. I will be booking both regularly in the Philadelphia area and during my trips to Charleston (I’m also available for family sessions around Edisto Beach and Charleston, SC, if you need a Charleston family photographer— reach out and let’s connect when I am traveling there next!).